A Win for Wisconsin’s Wolves

Wolf Advocates Stop Wisconsin Fall Hunt — For Now

What’s the situation with wolves in Wisconsin right now?

After hundreds of wolves were wiped out by hunting, poaching and trapping earlier this year, state wildlife officials authorized more wolves to be hunted or trapped in the fall of 2021. Massive public outcry and multiple lawsuits followed. In October 2021, a court ruled that Wisconsin cannot allow wolf hunting until its wolf management plan is updated.  


How did we get here? 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed gray wolves from the federal endangered species list in January 2021, returning management authority to states like Wisconsin. In February, hunters and trappers in Wisconsin killed more than 200 wolves in less than three days – wiping out approximately 20% of the population. Today, there are about 700 wolves in the state.


What can people do?

Wolves in Wisconsin are safe from hunters for now but across the country they remain vulnerable when managed by states dead-set on slaughtering them. Tell President Biden and his new leadership at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to reinstate federal protection for wolves.