The state wants to allow at least 130 wolves to be hunted and trapped this year.

What’s the situation with wolves in Wisconsin right now?

After hundreds of wolves were wiped out by hunting, poaching and trapping earlier this year, state wildlife officials have authorized 300 more wolves to be hunted or trapped in the fall of 2021.


How did we get here? 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed gray wolves from the federal endangered species list in January 2021, returning management authority to states like Wisconsin. In February, hunters and trappers in Wisconsin killed more than 200 wolves in less than three days – wiping out approximately 20% of the population. Today, there are about 700 wolves in the state.


What can people do?

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources proposed to open wolf hunting and trapping this November with a quota of 130 wolves. Tell state wildlife managers that you oppose Wisconsin’s wolf hunt.


The stakes could not be higher for Wisconsin’s wolves. Will you take action today? Tell the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources that you oppose any wolf hunting or trapping this fall.


You can make a difference by speaking up for Wisconsin’s wolves on social media. Tweet these messages to spread the word.

This is no way to treat our wolves: Fight Wisconsin’s wolf killing plan. #SaveOurWolves
Wisconsin wants to kill 130 more wolves. Speak out against this deadly plan. #SaveOurWolves
Tasty beer and cheese? Yes, Wisconsin. Killing 130 wolves? No friggin’ way. #SaveOurWolves