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6 FACTS About Wolf Recovery

There’s a lot of misinformation out there on wolf recovery.
Help correct the narrative by tweeting these six facts.

MYTH: Wolves are recovered in the U.S. REALITY: Wolves today occupy less than 15% of their historic habitat in the continental U.S., so they aren’t recovered and still need protection.
MYTH: Wolves don’t belong here. REALITY: There were once some 2 million native wolves in North America – and we’ve decimated them. They deserve a real shot at recovery.
MYTH: Wolf persecution is a thing of the past. REALITY: Idaho is about to wipe out about 90% of its wolves. Legislation in Montana could lead to the killing of about 80% of its wolves.
MYTH: There isn’t room for more wolves. REALITY: A 2014 analysis found that there are at least 530,000 square miles of excellent wolf habitat in the lower 48 but wolves currently occupy only a third of it.
MYTH: We can rely on states to recover wolves. REALITY: Most states have shown little interest in managing wolves in a way that ensures they thrive and grow.
MYTH: Wolves no longer need federal protection. REALITY: The U.S. government pulled the plug on wolf protection before the job was finished.